Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sankritization and De-ritualization among Dhankut

Sankritization and De-ritualization among Dhankut of district
Bahraich (U.P.)
Alok Chantia
Sanskritization is not a rare concept, while modernization, acculturation and value of
caste system is well established in India. So Sanskritization or deritualization is visible in
every social group. Sanskritization is a natural process, which is influenced by those
higher castes (Brahmin, Rajput or Vaish), that are living with lower caste group, while
de-ritualization is concerned with those rituals, which is not common in that place where
many social groups are living and only one group is performing any specific ritual. In that
situation, that group tries to leave that ritual and adopt the same ritual of adjacent
societies to show the equal status with them.
In the present paper, an attempt has been made to see the extent in which Dhankut of
district Bahraich is influenced by these two factors.

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