Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Social Responsibility of Corporations and Sustainable Development

Social Responsibility of Corporations and Sustainable Development with Special
Reference to Marginalised People
Dr. Alok Chantia* & Dr. Preeti Misra**
*Lecturer, Dept. of Anthropology, Sri J.N.P.G. College, (KKC) Lucknow; E-Mail
** Lecturer, Dept of Human Rights, School for Legal Studies, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar
University, Lucknow; E-Mail
Keywords: Social Security, Livelihood, Culture, Law, Marginalized people, Sustainable
Man made culture for his security but he found himself more secure under Nation State
concept came into being, because his livelihood and smooth survival was also the matter
of state concern. But unlimited growth of population put challenges before the welfare
state. Limited resources and unlimited demands created imbalance which resulted in
poverty and marginalized people. These people are those who are living in globalised and
modern world but their accessibility to even basic amenities is barred. Indian constitution
has incorporated all measurements which make a biological human being, a social human
being. A number of fundamental rights have been endowed upon its people to make their
life dignified. But all constitutional ideals get failed when people find themselves
helpless to fulfill basic necessities. Government introduced reservation policy for their
upliftment but almost in vain.
In the absence of alternatives government opened its door for privatization and adopted
liberalized economic policies. 1990 was the land mark year when welfare state concept
was creating resonance with laissez faire. As a result of liberalization, privatization and
globalization, MNCs and BPOs have caused adverse affect on socio cultural life of
marginalized people without considering their survival, they are working only for their
profits The government is also not giving any serious attention on their production policy,
which make them behave in an anarchical manner. Today marginalized people have
become more marginalized.
Social responsibility has never been on the priority of corporations who work only for
their profits. The welfare of any country or society is reflected in its people. In the
corporate culture marginalized people are only made to work and suffer , Today we are
living in Jungle Raaj where might is right in other words where rich are powerful and
dictating terms to the society. Big Corporate house are paying no attention to the social
security of marginalized they are only doing business.
India is still agriculture based society where 70% population is living in rural areas
engaged in agriculture. The backbone of their economy is agriculture only. Today multli
national companies are putting their projects and plants in rural areas just because of
availability of resources like water and land etc. but not paying any attention to the
environment and sustainable development.
In the proposed paper two cases have been taken where multi national corporations have
neglected their social responsibilities 1) Plachimada of Kerala where coca cola had put up
its plant and 2)that of Chittur District of Andhra Pradesh where Government did not pay
any attention to the basic necessities of its people .farmers have been committing suicides
due to wrong economic policies of the government. Both these cases are glaring
examples of the neglect of social responsibility of the corporations. Though our judiciary
has come forward to provide remedies to the common people but still a lot remains to be
done by the government who is the saviour of its people within constitutional ideals. How
government’s economic policies should be framed in order to make corporations more
liable and responsible to the society and at the same time promoting sustainable
development of the country will be the highlights of proposed paper.

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