Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Working Women And Its Impact On Society, Culture And Family

Working Women And Its Impact On Society, Culture And Family-A
Study On Working Women Of Lucknow
Dr. Alok Chantia & Dr. Preeti Misra
Identity crisis developed an environment of equality for women in modern world. In
traditional society women were categorized as domestic managers for thousands of years.
But it has been very painful for a woman to bear the surname of her husband throughout
her life within four walls., so she fought against this social web and made a mark for
herself and development of the country .Though today women are free in present
economic world but they face a lot of problems as they are in transitory stage neither very
modern nor very traditional.
Today family fabric comprising of husband ,wife and children have undergone a sea
change Now a new kind of change has arisen which has posed not only personal but
familial, social., and cultural problems for women. Today she is sandwiched between
work and family. She faces double burden of child rearing and official work along with
fulfilling social and cultural demands. All these factors are ultimately destroying sanctity
of marriage and preparing a ground of domestic violence.
Whether a woman is satisfied with her modern working woman image? Whether she
finds any progress in her social status? Whether family is being neglected because of her
work. What are the effects on her family and society and how it is affecting cultural
All these questions were examined in depth in my research work on working women of
Lucknow. It is an exploratory cum descriptive type of work.300 married couples having
children were interviewed randomly. This research work was conducted between 5th June
to 25th June 2007.
Finding of work shows that a rapid socio-cultural change has come in the status of
women. They are enjoying their freedom but it has also led to double work burden,
family tensions, ill effects on the psychology of children and day to day quarrels in the
Dr. Alok Chantia, Lecturer,
Dept. of Anthropology
Sri J.N.P.G.College,Lucknow
Dr. Preeti Misra,Lecturer,
Dept of Human Rights,
Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University

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