Wednesday, June 11, 2008


-Dr. Alok Chantia
Lecturer,Dept. of Anthropology
Sri J.N.P.G.College,Lucknow
Keywords- Education,Utility,Opportunity,Anthropology
Culture is also a kind of education, but it is degenerating nowadays because an individual
cannot survive on earth or earn livelihood under the carrying capacity and limit of
culture. Because of this factor acculturation ,modernization, sanskritization, human right
and globalization came into light to retain the original content of culture along with
smooth survival. This philosophy can be visualized with regard to science education .
India is a hugely populated country .It is hypothetical to imagine that science education
can provide bread and butter to all. Science education is knowledge based instead of job
oriented .that is why these days’ students are shying away from science education.
Students are not very much interested in science education due to unchanged course
content and its abstractness. A student does not find any correlation between science
education and job requirement. That is why quality of students is declining in science
education day by day. Anthropology as a subject studies man in totality. Here totality
denotes archeological, physical and social anthropology. But these sub branches do not
provide any good future to the students. In U.P. number of students are decreasing day by
day in anthropology in universities and degree colleges. So it is very important to discuss
how Anthropology as a science discipline can maintain its relevance and significance. It
is well documented and analysed that anthropology is not merely associated with
academic anthropology. Many applied and action oriented branches of anthropology can
make a better platform for students. For example business anthropology, family, marriage
management as MBA subject ,use of ethno medicine in ayurveda, forensic anthropology,
biochemical anthropology, sociology, dermatoglyphic with astrology, human origin,
evolution may be better option for students in different types of jobs. Today we are facing
an era of globalization, privatization liberalization. Research methodology with
anthropological approach may be a boon for marketing of services. BPO and multi
national can appoint anthropologist as production promoters as general motors, Xerox
etc. international companies got benefited by it, but all this can materialize if course
content of anthropology is modified.
Today is the time of marketing, even of subjects, how to popularize a subject and create
an interest with space and pace for job. How anthropology can prove its relevance today
in the era of globalization? Which type of change is required in anthropology to generate
interest amongst youth? How this subject can be studied in totality i.e. as a good source
of fulfilling basic requirements of life like food, cloth, protection? How this subject can
be managed to fulfill the requirements of present day jobs in BPO and how it can produce
good managers etc.? Whether all this requires marketing of this subject in any way? How
anthropology can be very useful subject of science in the process of modernization? All
these points will be discussed in detail in present paper.

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