Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sexual health and HIV/AIDS

Sexual health and HIV/AIDS with special reference to
Dhankut of district Bahraich of U.P.
Dr. Alok Chantia,
SJNPG College, Lucknow,U.P.
Key words- Health, HIV/AIDS, Dhankut, Culture
Abstract- Health is prime important for every individual. Every culture has its specific
cultural traits, which regulates its people’s life. Sex is very important ant natural factor in
an individual’s life. Tribal India is wrapped with diversity of sexual behaviour which is
increasing the risk of HIV/AIDS.
HIV/AIDS is a global problem which is giving a threat to humanity. Everyone is afraid
about the result of HIV which will destroy the Homosapiens if we don’t take any step.
Dhankut is an endogamous group of district Bahraich. It is famous for its cross-cousin
and parallel cousin marriages which is taboo in north India. Dhankut is not listed as
SC/ST/OBC and no literature is available about them anywhere. Their living place is
known as Dhankutty pura. Out of their living place they are not found any where .so they
create a pocket culture. Education is almost totally absent and only three are in
government jobs. It is a non-agriculturist group who is victim of circumstances. Irregular
sexual activity creates the fear of AIDS. In the present paper an attempt has been made to
observe the awareness about HIV/AIDS among them.
300 respondents have been interviewed under ethno methodological approach during
May 2005 to june 2005
Dhankut are very poor in their knowledge about HIV/AIDS while they are living in the
middle of the city. Why do they not know about AIDS? What do they think about sex?
Do they know the relation between sex and Aids? All these question will be discussed in
my proposed paper.

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